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*Due to engine failure, all previously scheduled flights have been cancelled until further notice.  Refunds and/or exchanges for memberships will be made as needed.  We fully expect to have the airplane back in the air, but at this point cannot say when.  If you would like to donate toward the cost of fixing the engine, please contact us at info@hffshop.com, easterndc7@gmail.com, or 305-883-2012.

The Sullenberger / Skiles flight to Charlotte was amazing - as the return flight got off the ground, the pocket option pilots lost oil pressure in the #3 engine and it had to be shut down.  The plane turned and landed back in Charlotte safely on 3 engines and all passengers and crew exited the airplane without incident. 
The airplane will remain in Charlotte temporarily while we arrange repairs.  Thanks to everyone involved for your unwavering support - especially Captain Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles, the Carolinas Aviation Museum, and our passengers.

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A Queen Returns to the Skies - DC-7B N836D

July-August 2010

- Ralph M. Pettersen

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