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Q:  Is my gift tax deductible exness?
A:  Yes.  The Historical Flight Foundation is a fully accredited tax exempt organization.
Q:  Are there naming and commemorative opportunities at the Foundation?
A:  Yes.  Gifts of $25,000 or more are eligible for space naming on the aircraft.  The first spaces available will be an appropriately embroidered seat back.  Embroidered seat backs with individual names, foundations, and corporate sponsorships are available at $7,500 per seat.  The seat will be maintained for a period of 5 years.  Donors will be able to choose the seat(s) of their choice based upon availability.
Q:  Can I support a particular program or aircraft?
A:  Yes.  Donor designated gifts are fully honored and the donations will be attributed to the program or aircraft of the donors specification.  Donations that are not specified to a particular program or aircraft will be directed to the Historical Flight Foundation general obligations exness thailand.
Q:  Is the Historical Flight Foundation eligible for corporate matching gifts?
A:  Yes, in most cases the Foundation is eligible.  Check with your employer.
Q:  Can I schedule an airplane for a visit to our local airport for weekend events or special occasions on request?
A:  Yes!  The HFF charges the aircraft to and from the base airport, Opa -locka in Miami, Florida on a statute mile basis.  Please contact the HFF for specific costs and terms and availability.  The costs are considered a tax deductible donation.
Q: What are some examples or events that the aircraft(s) can be used for?
A:  Airshow events, static displays for any function, corporate public relations, museum celebrations exness th.  The aircraft is fully crewed and available for public and private functions based upon availability.  Please contact the HFF for pricing as fuel rates are constantly changing and each flight will have is own specific set of costs based upon the routes being flown, the length of the trip (day trip, over night, etc...) and the needs of your function.
Q:  Once the airplane is at our event, is it available for people to experience "living history" flights?
A:  Absolutely.  The aircraft is projected to have a 50 plus seat capacity, but can make 1 hour flights with as few as 20 passengers.
Q:  If we are a 501 (c) (3), can we raise funds for our organization in concert with the airplane?
A:  Yes, we believe strongly in working with any certified organization that inspires and educates the general public about our rich aviation history.  Please contact the HFF for a program tailored to your needs and requirements.
Q:  Whom should I contact with questions regarding contributions, donations, and aircraft chartering?
A:  Historical Flight Foundation
     C/o Atlantic Models, Inc.
     Roger Jarman, 305-883-2012 or RJarman@HistoricalFlightFoundation.com